The Great Canadian LEEDscape - Amy Shackleton

From July 6 to August 14, 2017, the House of Sustainable Development, in collaboration with the Elaine Fleck Gallery, presents Amy Shackleton: Great Canadian LEEDscape.

The Great Canadian LEEDscape is a five-year, more than 15-meter, Painting depicting the current transformation of Canada's natural and built environments. It is composed of 13 panels, one for each province and territory of the country. These panels are arranged from west to east along the longitude of each capital. Key examples of sustainable architecture (LEED-certified buildings) appear surrounded by trees, mountains and regional streams, highlighting Canada's 150th Anniversary. This painting provides a look at the present and future of our changing urban landscape. Made with liquid-filled, compressible bottles of paint, the Great Canadian LEEDscape consists of hundreds of lines and dots. Artist Amy Shackleton does not use paintbrushes. Instead, she manipulates where and how each drip will fall by working with gravity and spinning her canvas. As in the construction of a building, architectural details are calculated, measured and controlled to ensure the exact location of each line. And as in nature, the environmental elements are more spontaneous, unpredictable and liquid.

Opening Reception 

The opening of the exhibition will take place on July 6, 2017 at 12:15.  Suggested contributions: $ 5.


Thank you!

The House of Sustainable Development would like to thank Hydro-Québec, the main partner in its programming. We would also like to thank Equiterre,  Elaine Fleck Gallery, The Ontario Arts Council, Novae, Journal Metro and Planetair, which will offset the greenhouse gas emissions associated with the transportation of participants in the 2017 programming.