Other Innovations in Design

Some of the Centre's activities are held in the Hydro-Québec Park, such as no-waste picnics and organic basket deliveries.

Public park

Thanks to the support of Hydro-Québec, the Centre for Sustainable Development has been instrumental in the creation of a new green public park downtown. The 1300 m2 park will have 29 trees and 680 m2 of plants that are either native or well adapted to local conditions. Visitors will stroll along a perforated grid that collects rainwater, helping to re-establish the natural water cycle. 


Less stormwater runoff, fewer heat islands, and the use of a variety materials made from a high percentage of recycled content.


La rose et le vent by visual artist Marie-Claire Blais is a one-of-a-kind interpretation of the map of the world. A true architectural element, it literally envelopes the space in the Clark conference room, encapsulating the vision of the Centre as a place to meet and share ideas.


The work covering the acoustic panels in the Clark conference room is made from 100% felted wool fabric. The silk screening technique ensures that the work will last, and requires no special maintenance.

For more information, check out the interactive exhibit on the building, sign up for a visit with a guide or take a virtual tour of the Centre [French only].

Front desk

The Centre chose to hire a Québec-based business with a strong concern for environmental issues to design the front desk. The green woodworking business MATPEL puts recycling and reusing at the heart of its practice and encourages local and environmentally friendly suppliers.


Counter made from solid, local cherry wood (low processing, highly durable, easily reused). Platform made from recycled Styrofoam and reused plywood. Read complete description of the desk here [French only].