Social Aspects

Students of Boulot vers..., a social integration organization doubling as a woodworking school, built the Centre's kitchen cabinets as well as furniture for the Petit réseau daycare. Here, youth listen attentively to Normand Roy's instructions before starting to work.

Choice of suppliers, products and services

The Centre for Sustainable Development encourages socially minded businesses when choosing service providers. During construction, the Centre hired Boulot vers..., a social insertion organization teaching woodworking skills to troubled youth. The students completed the cabinets in the building’s five kitchenettes. The Centre also has contracts with Récupéraction Marronniers (for waste collection) and Desjardins (for insurance). 


Use purchasing power to support worthwhile causes providing added social value.

Social enterprise

The Centre for Sustainable Development has two key objectives: help strengthen its member organizations and encourage the Quebec construction industry to embrace sustainable practices. The building belongs to a non-profit organization run by its members on a “one member, one vote” basis. 


Help make Quebec a model society for sustainable development. 

For more information, check out the interactive exhibit on the building, sign up for a visit with a guide or take a virtual tour of the Centre [French only].