The Centre's green roof helps diminish the impact of heat islands and improves the building's energy efficiency. Photo courtesy of Bernard Fougères.

LEED Platinum

The LEED Canada certification is a green building rating system for new constructions and major renovations. An adaptation of the US Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design rating system, it is tailored specifically for the Canadian climate, construction practices and regulations. It is intended to serve as both a guideline for green building design and a certification tool aimed at improving the well-being of occupants and the environmental and economic performance of buildings.

The Canada Green Building Council (CaGBC) has awarded the Centre for Sustainable Development the LEED® Canada NC Platinum certification, making the Centre the first building in Quebec to obtain this level, the highest in the internationally recognized LEED certification system. While the distinction requires a minimum of 52 points on 70, the Centre has reached its initial goal of 59 points.

To maximise its environmental and social performance, the Centre seeks to strike a balance between its occupants’ well-being and its environmental impact by giving careful consideration to air quality, choice of materials, energy and water efficiency, waste management, as well as social aspects of the project. 


The Centre for Sustainable Development has reached the second level ("Implementation") of Recyc-Québec’s ICI ON RECYCLE! program. 

This level of certification is awarded to institutions that have implemented 4R measures as well as informational and public awareness activities. The level 2 certified institutions must have:

  • held at least three informational or awareness activities for their personnel or the public, related to responsible waste management;
  • implemented at least five waste-reducing or waste-reusing measures that touch on at least three categories of waste;
  • implemented recycling or recovery measures for at least three categories of waste.

The Centre is already looking for ways to reach level 3 (“Performance”), Recyc-Québec’s highest level of recognition that requires the reclamation of 80% of waste.