Air Quality

The Centre obtained four LEED credits for using low-emitting materials. The living wall also contributes to the building's air quality.

Living wall

A 400-plant colony vertically mounted on a 5-storey wall over a duct that “inhales” air so that microorganisms living on the roots can feed on pollutants in the air, acting as a natural air filter. 


Cleans the indoor air of some pollutants. 

Toxic emissions (VOC and formaldehyde)

The Centre for Sustainable Development is aiming for four LEED credits for low-emitting materials: adhesives and sealants, paints and coatings, flooring systems, and composite wood and agrifiber products. The low gloss paint used in the Centre contains no more than 50 g/l of volatile organic compounds (VOC). Conventional paints of a comparable type can contain four times that amount.


Emission reduction at the source for many of the products responsible for indoor air pollution.

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