IT Services

To provide a structure for its information technology (IT) services, insure their continuity and develop their potential for promoting its members’ goals, the Centre has launched Mutualit’, a social economy business specialized in IT services.

Based at the Centre, Mutualit’ takes into account IT’s environmental and social footprint and aims to promote a more sustainable, fair and responsible development through IT services and expertise adapted to the needs of businesses, organisations and citizens.

Three main objectives drive the organisation’s mission. Mutualit' aims to:

  • Facilitate organisations’ work and reduce the digital divide in IT by offering professional and innovative solutions adapted to their reality.
  • Offer support to businesses in their IT choices by proposing concrete solutions to their technological, social and environmental challenges.
  • Provide citizens with collective action tools and information systems for their mobilization needs.

The expertise acquired by the team in recent years has allowed Mutualit’ to develop quality services and tools for nonprofits and businesses while controlling costs and making technological choices that respect the Centre’s mandate.

The Centre and its members favoured the emergence of a social economy business with its very own mandate aimed at upholding sustainable development values in the IT sector. 

For more information, visit Mutualit’ website, give the team a call at 514-394-1133 or write to them.