Vivre en ville
Vivre en ville
Contact information

50, Sainte-Catherine Street West, suite 480
Montreal (Québec) H2X 3V4

Phone: 514 394-1125


A public interest organization, Vivre en ville contributes to the development of sustainable communities, working at the building, street, neighbourhood and agglomeration levels.

Vivre en ville takes action to boost innovation and guide decision-makers, professionals and citizens in the development of prosperous, high-quality living environments, while also protecting collective interests and respecting ecosystems.

Versatile, rigorous and involved, Vivre en Ville’s team deploys a wide array of skills in urbanism, mobility, greening, urban design, public policy, energy efficiency, etc. Vivre en Ville’s varied expertise, its researching, training and public-awareness activities, its involvement in public debates and its advice and support services make it a key player in its field.

Current areas of activity

Research and innovation:

On the cutting edge of knowledge, Vivre en Ville identifies and documents best practices everywhere in the world for viable communities. Drawing inspiration from its findings, Vivre en Ville adapts good ideas to Québec contexts. Its research inspires pilot projects and has set in motion many innovative initiatives.

Tools and training:

Vivre en Ville offers a wide range of training seminars, technical workshops and general and thematic lectures. These activities may be adapted to different audiences such as citizens, elected representatives or professionals. A series of guides, case studies, technical fact sheets, multimedia tools and online resources are also available.

Advice and support services:

Vivre en Ville offers assistance in a variety of ways, from support services to one-time mandates. Its services are offered by a multidisciplinary team and are aimed toward municipalities, public organizations as well as private businesses.


Vivre en Ville regularly takes a stand on substantive and current issues, often in partnership with other players. By participating in public consultations, by questioning decision-makers and by publishing memorandums, the organization contributes to positive change in public policy, practices and budgetary choices, thus promoting the sustainable development of viable communities.

Public awareness:

Vivre en Ville has developed a specialized expertise in public-awareness and outreach activities related to viable community issues. Its publications, lectures and personalized advice are built around public-awareness campaigns and tours.