The Centre for Sustainable Development provides space to meet and share innovative ideas about sustainable development. Photo courtesy of Alexandre CV.

Eight socially and environmentally minded organizations have united to create the Centre for Sustainable Development, which offers space for reflection, innovation, education and the meeting of minds on sustainable development. This demonstration green building, the first to receive LEED Platinum Certification in Quebec, aims to inspire everyone from property developers to the general public and create a synergy between its founding members: Amnistie internationale, The Petit Réseau daycare centre, the Conseil régional de l’environnement de Montréal, ENvironnement JEUnesse, Équiterre, Option consommateurs, the Regroupement national des conseils régionaux de l’environnement du Québec and Vivre en Ville.

The five-storey building was born after nearly ten years of hard work, thanks to the drive and mobilisation of devoted partners who continue to pool their vision, ideas, funds and contacts. In a context where climactic, energy and financial crises have become the norm, the Centre’s objective is to build towards the future without jeopardizing it, by:

  • Maximizing the potential of socially and environmentally minded organizations through the sharing of space and resources;  
  • Serving as a place for reflection, education, innovation and the meeting of minds on sustainable development; 
  • Offering citizens, businesses and governments new educational tools on sustainable development; 
  • Offering a research tool for Canadian researchers interested in green buildings.  

An exemplary building

The Centre for Sustainable Development is the first building in Quebec to receive the LEED® Canada New Construction Platinum certification. It serves as a model and reference for anyone interested in environmental protection with respect to construction. Guided tours allow members of the public to learn about the building’s characteristics. In the fall of 2012, an interactive exhibit was launched to offer the public another opportunity to get to know the building, free of charge. 

Head offices pool their services

The building belongs to a non-profit organization run fairly and equally by its members. By offering high-quality, urban space for head offices and workplaces, the building helps environmentally and socially minded organizations maximize their productivity and influence while pooling their resources and sharing workspace. A great way to strengthen organizations through a democratic management approach.

Sustainable development resources 

The Centre offers a wide array of sustainable development resources. Its goal is to help the public discover simple ways of contributing to sustainable development. By offering easy-to-follow practical advice, the project aims to counter citizens’ feeling of powerlessness and provide them with tools to personally participate in necessary changes. Sustainable development references can also be provided in person and by phone. [French only]

A place to meet and share innovative ideas

The Centre relies mainly on its program of activities to fulfill its mission as a place for reflection, innovation, education and the meeting of minds on sustainable development. The program include workshops, conferences and training sessions. The Centre offers high-quality activities based on current events and related to the multiple facets of sustainable development. It works closely with its members and partners to ensure its activities remain relevant and its resources and expertise are efficiently pooled. [French only]

The Centre also rents out its boardrooms and conference halls, offering yet more space to meet and share ideas.