Photo credit : Amy Shackelton'  "The Great Canadian Leedscape" Exposition.

The Centre for Sustainable Development is calling for proposals for summer and fall 2018 exhibitions. Deadline: Midnight, November 17, 2017.


Since 2012, the Centre for Sustainable Development, located in the heart of the Quartier des Spectacles, has been the only venue in Montreal that brings together art and sustainable development. We consider culture in its broadest sense and art, in particular, to be an essential element of sustainable development. Every year, we present eight exhibitions that explore the relationship between culture, art and knowledge.

Our goals

  • To heighten public awareness of major sustainable development issues through art
  • To increase the number of visitors by raising the profile of the Centre and its members
  • To encourage artists to reflect on major sustainable development issues
  • To provide a venue to support artists
  • To make the Atrium a vibrant place

Exhibitions related to sustainable development

We’re looking for exhibitions that support our mission: to be a hub for meetings, discussion, thought and innovation to promote sustainable development.

Exhibitions fall into one of two categories.


Individuals and organizations can propose educational exhibitions in which documentary images are used to explain a situation.


Individuals and groups can propose solely artistic exhibitions featuring art or fine art to express an aesthetic ideal.

Take a look at some previous exhibitions.

Selection criteria

Your portfolio must, above all, meet the format and content requirements. Otherwise, the committee will not consider your application. Please note that you cannot exhibit twice in the same year.

1) Technical compatibility with our equipment and space

We can hang up to 24 works in 12 windows (1 or 2 per window) provided that your hanging system is compatible with our equipment.

The windows are 48 inches wide and 105 3/8 inches high (122 cm x 267.65 cm).

We can also exhibit different kinds of installations provided that your use of the space and windows is compatible with the Centre’s activities (e.g., use of the Atrium for major events, space for people to wander, ensuring employee safety) and protects the works (restrictions on moving works around). We cannot accept works on stands.

Screen projections and sound components used on an ad hoc basis may accompany exhibits.

We have accepted works set up on self-supporting panels in the past, but renting out the Atrium was complicated and works were at risk of damage.

2) Link to sustainable development

Our understanding of sustainable development involves not just the environment, but also social and economic concerns, as set out in Quebec’s Sustainable Development Act of 2006.

So exhibitions can present works of artists who are interested, directly or indirectly, in subjects such as human rights, energy, different economic realities and social prejudices.

3) Quality

We’re looking for high-quality works that meet professional standards. They must appeal to member organizations, corporate clients who rent the Atrium for events and the audience you want to reach.

4) Artistic approach

You must have a reasoning behind your choices, an artistic method and a structured approach. And the aesthetics must reflect this approach.

5) Originality

We’re looking for refreshing exhibitions that surprise us with their originality.


We cannot offer financial support to artists. However, we can provide an interesting venue and give visibility to your work. We promote the exhibitions on our website, including them in the event schedule, as well as on social media and outdoor posters. The first exhibitions were a great success and covered by Radio-Canada, La Presse and Le Devoir.

We encourage artists to organize a silent auction. The profits are shared between the artist/producer and the Centre to help finance the venue.

Exhibitions usually run for two to three weeks.

Your commitment

You must attend the opening reception, be available for interviews with the media and be present for the installation and dismantling of the exhibition. You must also look for sponsors, identify communication tools and help promote the event.

Exhibitions may be organized by a third party. However, the artist must attend the opening reception, be present for the installation and dismantling of the exhibition, look for sponsors and help promote the event in their network.

Portfolio format and content

Please send your portfolio by email, making sure that documents are in DOC or PDF format and readable on a Mac.

  • Portfolios must include the following:
  • Full contact information (postal and email address, phone number)
  • Exhibition title
  • Project description (maximum 150 words)
  • Technical sheet listing the works by title, along with their formats, captions and hanging method
  • Bio (maximum 75 words)
  • Artistic approach (maximum 250 words)
  • CV, including exhibition history
  • Visual portfolio of the work you wish to exhibit (sample images, JPEG format, 1200 pixels and 72 dpi)
  • Any other relevant documents, such as a press review, if applicable

Send your proposal to

Catherine Jobin
Responsable des Programmes
514 394 1108 # 3735