A beautiful ride in the countryside… surrounded by atrazine!

What’s better than a bike ride through bucolic countryside?  Unfortunately, these beautiful fields may have been sprayed with atrazine, a synthetic herbicide used extensively in corn cultivation.  This pesticide is found throughout our environment and accompanies us, without our knowledge, during many of our summer activities.

Atrazine has a range of impacts on living organisms, particularly children, pregnant women and fetuses.

Sign here to ban atrazine!

Équiterre invites you to sign the petition to ban this dangerous pesticide which has been banned throughout the European Union for over 10 years, but is still used in Canada.  Atrazine is currently being re-evaluated by the federal government and officials are recommending that the mandate for its continued use be approved.

We need as many signatures as possible to ban its use in Canada.

Thank you for helping us protect all Canadians!